Chairman Message

Agriculture is the strategic emerging industry of CITIC Group’s “13th Five-Year Development Plan”. It is CITIC Group’s historical mission in the new era to implement national strategies, safeguard national seed and food security. CITIC Agriculture is the platform to plan and execute agricultural development strategy of CITIC Group. CITIC Agriculture inherits CITIC Group's development philosophy of “Build Non-Financial Industries with Financial Arm”. CITIC Agriculture enjoys full access to CITIC Group's strength and resources in capital operation, brand name and global footprint to forge leading Chinese seed companies with global competitiveness.


CITIC Agriculture focuses on integrating animal and plant germplasm resources and genetic resources, utilizing modern biotechnology and intelligent technologies to enhance the competitiveness of domestic seed industries, and driving the development of the agricultural industry through technology and finance. CITIC Agriculture will leverage on various resources to promote long-term sustainable development of its business platforms in terms of strategy management, R&D and innovation, marketing, talent team building, digitalized operation and global footprint expansion. CITIC Agriculture will strive to create a Win-Win, Co-Exist and Sharing development prospect.