Technology Platform

GLOCON Agritech Co-Innovation Institute


GLOCON Agritech Co-Innovation Institute (GLOCON Agri-Inst.), registered in Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing, is the first industrial innovation union initiated by leading seed companies covering strategic key seed species in the fields of crops, livestock, aquaculture, microorganism, forestry, fruits and flowers, and a nonprofit organization in China. GLOCON Agri-Inst. is an independent legal entity and operating organization, initially founded by 13 head leading seed companies and organizations. CITIC Agriculture is one of main sponsors of GLOCON Agri-Inst.

Through institutional innovation, GLOCON Agri-Inst. explores new agricultural research areas of organization mechanism development, constructs industry joint innovation, collaborates innovation platform, to quickly form a strong innovation supporting force of modern agriculture technology by mainstay leading enterprises, in the guidance of industry application, combining politic, research, and linked by capital.