Beijing Capital Agribusiness Inc.


Beijing Capital Agribusiness Inc. is one of the most outstanding animal breeding companies in China. Its breeds such as laying hens and Beijing ducks are market leaders in China. In 2018, CITIC Agriculture strategically acquired shares of Beijing Capital Agribusiness and became the third largest shareholder. CITIC Agri Fund and Beijing Capital Agribusiness have jointly acquired 100% stake of British Cherry Valley Farms Ltd, and thus secured 75% market share in the global Pekin ducks breeding business. The deal symbolised that Pekin duck is coming back to China.            

CITIC Agriculture and Beijing Capital Agribusiness Inc. together will speed up investment deployment in animal breeding business, deepen cooperation with international breeding giants, and actively acquire premium resources. Both companies will strive to improve China's animal breeding science and technology, enhance self-sufficiency in primary poultry breeding, promote sound development of China animal husbandry, transform Beijing Capital Agribusiness into a globally leading animal breeding company.